The Value of Recognized Agency Approvals

Did you know? NRTL stands for Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. NRTLs are third-party organizations recognized by OSHA as having the capability to provide product safety testing and certification services to the manufacturers of a wide range of products for use in the American workplace.

Domestic manufacturers constantly compete with inexpensive products manufactured overseas that do not carry NRTL approval. Do such products really need NRTL approvals? Are those that do worth the expense?

Any business or industry that is subject to OSHA's requirements understands the importance of compliance from a legal standpoint. Approvals of products and equipment are required in industries at wide-reaching as sanitation (including potable water), oil/gas, food processing, printing and many others. These approvals are performed by third party organizations that have the necessary qualifications to perform safety testing and certification of specific products, and are acceptable to OSHA for use in the workplace. Many Madison sensors, for instance, are used in applications within industries that must adhere to OSHA benchmarks.

Compliance with accepted industry standards also communicates to the public that a manufacturer cares about the products it creates. In other words, it's about quality! There are often many ways to stand apart from the competition, and we at Madison are proud that product quality stands at the core of what we do. Product quality can be maintained and objectively demonstrated by NRTL approvals, and many of Madison Company's liquid level sensing products carry independently verified industry approvals. Read about the various standards our products carry at: https://www.madisonco.com/approvals

Established, USA-based manufacturers like Madison have earned the trust of our OEM customers over many decades, and 3rd-party approvals are a major source of that trust.

NRTL Standards