Advanced Technologies Initiative - The Future of Manufacturing & Innovation

Following up on their insightful study on The Future of Manufacturing released this past spring, Deloitte has joined forces with the U.S. Council on Competitiveness to release the Advanced Technologies Initiative - an in-depth study of the 10 technologies that represent the future of manufacturing and innovation. Developed from dozens of interviews with Chief Technology Officers, chief research leaders and directors of national research facilities, this study highlights strengths and weaknesses of the innovation ecosystem within the United States. It also clearly identifies the most promising advanced manufacturing technologies:

1. Predictive Analytics

2. Smart Connected Products (aka Internet-of-Things (IoT))

3. Advanced Materials

4. Smart Factories (IoT)

5. Digital Design, Simulation and Integration

6. High Performance Computing

7. Advanced Robotics 

8. 3D Printing (aka Additive Manufacturing (AM) & 3D Scanning)

9. Open-Source Design / Direct Customer Input

10. Augmented Reality 

This free 80 page study is important reading for those responsible for future leadership of U.S. manufacturing companies.

Highly recommended!