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Application Bulletins

Sense Dem Drums!
Drum sensors – contact or non-contact - are popular products because so many things can be stored – Click here to read about just a few drum applications!

sense dem drums

Are Products Worth More With Recognized Agency Approvals?
Do products really need third party approvals? Click here to find out why they do!



Application: Yesterday’s Brews Save Money
Problem: Inaccurate cold and hot storage tank level readings lead to to inflated disposal costs for craft brewery.
Solution: Click here

Brewery app bulletin 2017 06


Application: How to Keep Nasty Microbes Out of the Pool
Problem: Polypropylene float deterioration led to multiple pool closings and service calls.
Solution: Click here

Madison Application: How to Keep Nasty Microbes Out of the Pool


Application: 'Wowing' Customers with Customer Service
Problem: Companies with impersonal and sometimes unpleasant service, getting lost in automated chats, FAQs and forums, receiving a sales pitch instead of an answer.
Solution: Click here to read about Madison Company's approach and dedication to customer service.

Customer service at Madison Company


Application: "Propelling" a Container Ship Forward
Problem: A world leader in ship building for the military and commercial sectors ran into trouble when they were unable to obtain liquid level switches in time to meet their sea trial date.
Solution: Click here

propelling appbull 0417


Application: "Fueling" Business Processes
Problem: A major fuel and fuel logistics provider needed help with automating fuel monitoring and delivery processes.
Solution: Click here

Fuel delivery and monitoring


Application: Customized Sensors and Float Switches
Click here to see how Madison can solve your unique problem in as little as 6 days.



Application: Level measurement of aggregates.
Problem: Dust from aggregates causing nuisance tripping of existing sensors.
Solution: Click here