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Announcing Madison's new miniature continuous float level sensor

Accurate measurement of liquid volumes at any point in a container is critical for many commercial and industrial processes. Reducing process variability results in less waste, higher quality and reduced cost, and can make a big difference in profitability for OEMs.

Find the Right Sensor With Our New Application Submittal Form

Last month, we talked about how environmental conditions, incorrect sealing and improper grounding can all contribute to premature equipment failure, and that considering the conditions of the installation can affect the choice of sensor.

Madison Installs Second CNC Machine

Madison Company is proud to announce our newest addition – a second CNC machine!

A CNC, of course, is a machine that fabricates materials into precisely machined parts, using CAD files as inputs and a resulting sequence of machine control instructions.

Madison’s second CNC provides an increased ability to service our customers with:

Madison Video: A Comprehensive Approach to Liquid Level Management
At Madison Company, we support our customer’s efforts by employing our capabilities, experience, and application know-how to provide the best solutions. We strive to be a preferred global source for sensors and control technology. We follow through with fast time to market, reliable quality and delivery, and outstanding service. Learn more about our approach in this video.
Costly Concerns Over Industrial Counterfeiting

Sometimes it's just so easy to forget the simple old adage of "if you think it's too good to be true, it probably is".  Especially when your thoughts are focused on budget cuts, profit margins and just in time inventory that, for some reason, are not there in time.

Extracting Water from Air with Solar Panels?

What happens when you combined solar power, predictive data and nanomaterials?  You can make water out of thin air! And not just any thin air, but dry, arid air that you might find in the deserts of Arizona.

Madison Company Brings Brightness to Branford, CT

Many residents in small towns such as Branford are unaware of the support that small, locally-based businesses such as Madison Company provide - support that goes beyond employment and tax contribution.

Christmas Tree Water Consumption Calculations

Tis the season for debates and discussion about critical holiday topics, like tinsel versus garland or whether to go with a real Christmas tree or faux.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Flow For Factories

Rainwater harvesting, a strategy to capture and safely store rainwater to use for drinking, bathing, cleaning and landscape irrigation, has a history that many believe may date back 6,000 years ago to China.

Madison Company Fluid Sensing Solutions Shine in Chicago!

As promised with last week's blog post, our booth and our team made it safely from the PackExpo show in Las Vegas to the WEFTEC technology conference and exhibition!