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Simplifying oil/water separation with new switches

Two new Madison liquid level sensors have been developed to reliably detect the interface where oil water and water meet. The key is special specific gravity floats, available in stainless steel and Buna-N.


Visit the links below to view specifications and purchase these new sensors:

Simplifying oil/water separation with new switches
New Continuous Level Sensor Kits

Madison’s CK Series kits combine a continuous liquid level sensor paired with a pre-programmed panel meter display. Each kit offers a turn-key solution for critical tank measurement and process control. In addition to a sensor and panel meter, each kit contains two relays set at 10% and 90%.

New Continuous Level Sensor Kits
Madison Introduces New U5098 Ultrasonic Sensors for Depths up to 32 ft.

The new U5098 ultrasonic sensors provide non-contact continuous level measurement of challenging medias such as sticky, semi-solid, corrosive, and viscous fluids, slurries and even some solids. The U5098 line of sensors can be used indoors or outdoors, are low maintenance and can be cost-effective in difficult applications.

Announcing Madison's new miniature continuous float level sensor

Accurate measurement of liquid volumes at any point in a container is critical for many commercial and industrial processes. Reducing process variability results in less waste, higher quality and reduced cost, and can make a big difference in profitability for OEMs.

Find the Right Sensor With Our New Application Submittal Form

Last month, we talked about how environmental conditions, incorrect sealing and improper grounding can all contribute to premature equipment failure, and that considering the conditions of the installation can affect the choice of sensor.

Madison Installs Second CNC Machine

Madison Company is proud to announce our newest addition – a second CNC machine!

A CNC, of course, is a machine that fabricates materials into precisely machined parts, using CAD files as inputs and a resulting sequence of machine control instructions.

Madison’s second CNC provides an increased ability to service our customers with:

Madison Video: A Comprehensive Approach to Liquid Level Management
At Madison Company, we support our customer’s efforts by employing our capabilities, experience, and application know-how to provide the best solutions. We strive to be a preferred global source for sensors and control technology. We follow through with fast time to market, reliable quality and delivery, and outstanding service. Learn more about our approach in this video.
Madison Company Team Heads West for D2P

Our highly experienced Customer Support team is preparing for the Northwest Design-2 Part Show scheduled for next week!

Rockin' a Sensing Solution - Application Overview on Aggregate

Less than one week after we published a brand new case study (on Steam Cogeneration), our hardworking team at Madison Company is pleased to announce even more resources for our most valued clients and customers.

MAD4500/4510 and MAD4520 Submersible Pressure Transducers now feature standard ½" male NPT conduit connection

Madison Company is pleased to announce that its MAD4500/4510 and MAD4520 series of Submersible Pressure Transducers now feature a standard ½" male NPT conduit connection. Thanks to this improvement made in response to ongoing customer feedback users can more easily attach junction boxes and flexible conduit to the rear of the units.