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Apple Grants Access to Neural Network Subroutines

Towards the end of June, when we were posting articles about Embodied Cognition and Intelligent Personal Assistants...

An Introduction to Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs)

At this time, midway through 2016, we believe the vast majority of our readers have worked with some kind of automated mobile intelligence, whether it's Siri on your iPhone, Cortana on Windows or Google Now on...

Are Immersive Analytics and Embodied Cognition part of your future?

While we've touched on virtual and augmented reality trends previously on our blog, a recent workshop at the IEEE VR conference this year caught our attention and seemed relevant to our readers.

Finding Fitting Filaments for 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing, is an emerging manufacturing trend that continues to grow exponentially each year and offers more competition - and confusion - for those attempting to source filament materials for their manufacturing requirements.

Gaining Perspective on the IoT Frenzy

As a company manufacturing sensors for nearly 60 years, it's easy for all of us at Madison Company to get excited that sensors are such a hot worlwide trend these days.

Madison Company Recognized by GlobalSpec

For almost twenty years GlobalSpec has been recognized as the leading product search engine for engineering and industrial devices. This online tool provides their five million members with access to more than 180,000,000 parts divided into 2.3 million product families from over 24,000 manufacturers.

What are the realities of reshoring?

For decades the strategies and benefits to offshore supply was an obvious manufacturing reality.

Where is manufacturing happening within the United States?

Each year manufacturing trade magazine/media group, IndustryWeek, creates the IndustryWeek 500, an annual ranking of America's largest public manufacturers, based upon reported revenues.

Improving Safety In Manufacturing Thanks to Technology

We have been partnered with ThomasNet for quite some time and appreciate our partnership with them.  They are not only helpful to our business but the resources they provide to the manufacturing industry as a whole is nearly immeasurable.

Portland Introduces Smart Pipes that Generate Electricity

According to most historic sources the birth of hydropower, using water to generate electricity,...