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Case Study: A Sensing Solution for Mobile Fuel Delivery

Fuel Management Simplified… Savings Made Easy

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Mobile Fuel Delivery is Not as Simple as Just Pumping Gas

Mobile Fuel Delivery is Not as Simple as Just Pumping Gas

Managing fuel spend is part of how World Fuel Services® (WFS) delivers value to its customers. But even the most modern automated systems would be rendered worthless without reliable tank level sensors that deliver under extreme, unique conditions.

Learn how Madison Company, WFS, and other partners worked together to create an end-to- end solution that reduced costs, managed fuel spend, simplified administration, and allowed WFS customers to focus on their core expertise instead of logistics.

Improving Business Efficiency

As a provider of energy products and technology solutions to land, marine and aviation businesses, World Fuel Services® (WFS) knows that customers count on them to reduce operating costs and better manage fuel spend.

WSF prioritized the automation of on-site aviation fuel delivery as part of an overall logistics plan designed to streamline operations and increase efficiencies – saving customers time and money.

An End-to-End Solution

An electronic register from Total Control Solutions™ (TCS) addressed information capture. To complete the solution, a reliable ultrasonic sensing product was required in the fuel trucks and static fuel tanks to accurately transmit data to the electronic register. Although many ultrasonic sensors were available, WFS realized that this particular product would need to:

  • Stand up to harsh conditions (oils and solvents)
  • Be heat tolerant
  • Run on 24v DC for mobile transmission
  • Be highly accurate (within 0.25% of range to be measured)

Of the sensor manufacturers surveyed, Madison Company had not only the correct product, but the willingness to custom engineer a solution if needed.

World Fuel Services Goals

  • Obtain accurate and repeatable real-time data from fuel delivery trucks, including tank level
  • Create an automated flow metering delivery system that would eliminate most of the manual processes currently in place

Analysis and Recommendations

Madison worked with both TCS and the fuel truck fabricator in order finalize the product, determine its placement within the various fuel tank styles, establish the correct calibration, and develop a software-based bench calibration and diagnostics system that was superior to in-field trial and error.

This type of engineering scrutiny also enabled Madison and WFS to identify possible issues, such as potential heat-related failures in certain geographical areas.

Satisfactory Results

“The combination of the Madison Ultrasonic sensors and the TCS electronic register has allowed WFS to gain invaluable, real-time inventory data in an automated way. This enables our customers to save money, provide uninterrupted service, and better control their fuel spend.”.

Can Madison Help You?

Can Madison Help You?

Sophisticated sensing technologies for liquid level control can be part of an overall solution designed to save customers money and time. Madison Company is a trusted provider of liquid level sensing solutions for food and beverage, paints and coatings, fuels and oils, potable and non-potable water, and chemical fluids. Madison partners with every customer to provide either a stock or custom-engineered product for even the most demanding applications. Madison Company has been providing sensing technologies for liquid level control in the U.S.A. since 1959.