Continuous Float Level Sensor Series

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Accurate measurement of liquid volumes at any point in a container is critical for many commercial and industrial processes. Reducing process variability results in less waste, higher quality and reduced cost, and can make a big difference in profitability for OEMs.

Madison Company offers a variety of continuous float level sensors to address a wide range of applications. Fluid considerations include viscosity, temperature and pressure, while container considerations range from size and shape to accessibility. Chemical compatibility with both the fluid and the container is also a factor for long life and reliable operation.

Madison continuous float level sensors use reed switch technology to provide precise, accurate and repeatable indication of liquid level height in a container. Because OEMs need sensors for tanks that vary in width and height, certain continuous float level sensors are offered with field-adjustable stem lengths. This provides an OEM with the advantage of using only one or two sensors for their application instead of several.

General applications include measurement of liquid layers, such as oil/water, liquid material inventory, flow rate management, and in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments. Continuous float level sensors are best used with clean liquids but are not affected by turbulent conditions.

NEW! Ask about our miniature continuous float level sensor for applications with a small tank footprint! Great for:

  • Dispensing fuel additives
  • Monitoring high value chemicals
  • Monitoring despensed agricultural fertilizers
  • Small day tank level monitoring
  • Lubricating applications

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Continuous Float Level Sensor Features:

  • Proven, reliable technology
  • Precise, uninterrupted readout with 1/4” resolution
  • In stock, or customizable
  • Flexibility for varied fluid environments
  • Various material combinations and mounting options for any application

Sensor Reference Information:

Madison’s industry expertise is not only in the manufacture of high-quality continuous float level sensors, but also in the recommendation of the proper continuous float level sensor type. Madison’s trained experts will consider fluid composition, chemical compatibility, container size and shape, agitation and by-products (foam or vapor), level range and required 3rd party certification(s). If a standard continuous float level sensor will not work for the application, Madison can custom engineer a solution in as little as 4 days, once the requirements are established.

Continuous float level sensors can be configured for specific applications. Please use our online configurator for detailed specs, an instant quote and a dimensional drawing.

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