Continuous Level Sensor Kits

Continuous Level Sensor Kits

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Continuous Level Sensors with Preprogrammed Panel Meter Display

Madison’s CK Series kits combine a continuous liquid level sensor paired with a pre-programmed panel meter display. Each kit offers a turn-key solution for critical tank measurement and process control. In addition to a sensor and panel meter, each kit contains two relays set at 10% and 90%. The relays can be reconfigured in the field for various alarm setpoints and pump control values, while the daylight LED panel meter display can be field configured to indicate percent, gallons, or distance as desired. CK Series kits are available with commonly used sensor types, and you can custom configure additional kits by pairing other Madison sensors and panel meters.

Madison’s industry expertise is not only in the manufacture of high-quality liquid level sensors, but also in the recommendation of the proper level sensor and process controller. Different materials and construction of these kits are designed to stand up to chemicals, oils, wastewater, coolants, and various process liquids. Madison’s trained experts will consider level range, fluid composition, chemical compatibility, container size and shape, agitation, and even by-products (foam or vapor), to provide the correct solution. Contact your Madison sales representative for OEM application questions or technical assistance.

$250 minimum total order required. Please see our Distributor Locator for smaller orders. Quantity discounts available.
Model No.sort descending Image Description List Price Add to Cart
CK4808-13540 - Mini Ultrasonic KitCK4808-13540 - Mini Ultrasonic Kit Ultrasonic Level Sensor with Configured Panel Meter $1,176.00/ea $1,176.00
CK5127-13538 - 24" Float Level KitCK5127-13538 - 24" Float Level Kit Continuous Level Sensor with Configured Panel Meter $904.00/ea $904.00
CK5127-13539 - 12" Mini Float Level KitCK5127-13539 - 12" Mini Float Level Kit Miniature Continuous Float Level Sensor with Configured Panel Meter $829.00/ea $829.00
CK5127-13635 – 55 Gallon Drum Level KitCK5127-13635 – 55 Gallon Drum Level Kit Continuous Level Sensor with Panel Meter for 55 Gallon Drums $1,007.00/ea $1,007.00