Customized Sensors and Switches in Six Days!

Yes, it's true! Madison Company can design, manufacture and ship a custom switch or sensor in just six business days.

Our latest Application Bulletin illustrates the simple steps we take with our clients to have their switch or sensor quickly and affordably made to order. As a national leader providing sensing solutions since 1959, our product knowledge and engineering expertise allow Madison to promptly meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Here is an outline of the simple six-day process:

Day 1: Definition: Our client communicates their unique requirements to our technical sales staff.

Day 2: Quote: Madison provides pricing to establish budget and ROI.

Day 3: Discussion: Following quote approval, Madison’s engineers design a switch/sensor that satisfies the client’s application specifications.

Day 4: Design: Madison provides Proof of Concept to the client.

Day 5: Creation Upon client approval, the custom switch or sensor is manufactured.

Day 6: Delivery: Madison ships the final sensor solution to the client!

An illustration of this process can be downloaded as a PDF. In addition to the hundreds of standard switches and sensors ready to ship at MadisonCo.com, it’s important that our clients also understand the custom sensing solutions that are available quickly and at a competitive price point.

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