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Extracting Water from Air with Solar Panels?

What happens when you combined solar power, predictive data and nanomaterials?  You can make water out of thin air! And not just any thin air, but dry, arid air that you might find in the deserts of Arizona. We recently discovered this video and article profiling an impressive new company called Zero Mass, based in Scottsdale, AZ. Zero Mass is getting lots of media attention because during the last six years they've developed Source Hydropanels that do two things really well: capture UV rays and extract moisture out of the air - at a rate as high as five liters per day.  Clearly five liters is not enough to keep your family showering for free or washing the dog, but Zero Mass is mostly focused on becoming a more affordable and environmentally friendly option versus bottled water.  With a home installation running in the neighborhood of $4,500, CEO Cody Friesen estimates that most households that are currently buying bottled water would see their payback within about five years.  But this new invention also offers significant opportunities in natural disaster situations where clean drinking water can distributed without the need for power or water infrastructure. This is an exciting early step in generating clean water from air while leveraging the power of the sun to assist in the filtration and distribution process! 

Are you experimenting with new technologies in the water industry? 
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