Fabulous Fun Facts: Is all bottled water the same?

Madison Company lives and breathes sensors, so of course we get a kick out of fun facts about sensor applications as well. See if you can guess where a sensor is used after you read this Fantastic Fun Fact! (Pssst…. You’ll find the answer in parentheses below!)

There are hundreds of bottled water brands out there, all claiming to be the best. The most natural. The purest.

But it’s all just water, right? Shouldn’t it basically taste the same?

Apparently not, according to some 100 mineral water sommeliers, who make a living tasting various waters and pairing them with different foods. Water actually has taste, based on its origin and the minerals and other components that are picked up on its journey to the bottle.

Cooks Illustrated says that calcium makes water taste milky and smooth; magnesium can be bitter; sodium makes it taste salty; and bits of decomposing plant matter impart an earthy, organic taste. In fact, certain culinary traditions are based largely on the taste of the local water – for example, New Yorkers claim that the water is what makes NY pizza and bagels taste amazing, and Kentucky’s limestone-filtered water is perfect for making bourbon.

Who knew? We think we’ll inspect the ingredients on our next bottle of water before we drink it!

(So where is the sensor? Many bottling plants use sensors in their filling machines!)