Fabulous Fun Facts: Decorate Tasty Treats Like a Pro with Edible Paints

Madison Company lives and breathes sensors, so of course we get a kick out of fun facts about sensor applications as well. See if you can guess where a sensor is used after you read this Fantastic Fun Fact! (Pssst…. You’ll find the answer in parentheses below!)

We have all seen those exquisitely decorated cakes and cookies, dusted with gold or silver bling and beautiful enough to have been pulled right out of a Monet painting. The technique might seem to be reserved for high-end bakeries, but a little Web surfing reveals many recipes for edible paints that can be made right at home!

Most recipes are simple – a mixture of gel food coloring and a strong alcohol base such as vodka or lemon extract will have you on your way to painting like a master. For the “bling” effect, petal or pearl dust is recommended.

Time to start practicing and get ready to wow your friends at the next Christmas cookie swap!


(So where is the sensor? Although Madison sensors are not used for homemade paints, you can find them in many well-known commercial inkjet printers.)