Fabulous Fun Facts: Innovations in Floor Scrubbing

Madison Company lives and breathes sensors, so of course we get a kick out of fun facts about sensor applications as well. See if you can guess where a sensor is used after you read this Fantastic Fun Fact! (Pssst…. You’ll find the answer in parentheses below!)

If you’ve ever seen a robotic floor scrubber in action, you may have wondered how those big automated machines were invented. OK, maybe not! But those floor cleaners are a marvel compared to hand scrubbing, making it possible to clean floors efficiently and safely while creating that gorgeous shine.

Automatic floor scrubbers were invented in the middle of the 20th century, but users had a difficult time with the early machines. One manufacturer stated that, more often than not, a cleaning professional’s first time on a swing buffer was more like riding a wild bull at a rodeo. These machines seemed to have a mind of their own, and if the nearest wall was where they wanted to go, only training and skill could stop them.

Hmmm – maybe one of those vintage machines could substitute for a mechanical bull and clean the bar floor at the same time!

(So where is the sensor? In the soap and water tanks!)