Fabulous Fun Facts: The Secret to Perfect French Fries

Madison Company lives and breathes sensors, so of course we get a kick out of fun facts about sensor applications as well. See if you can guess where a sensor is used after you read this Fantastic Fun Fact! (Pssst…. You’ll find the answer in parentheses below!)

Have you always wanted to replicate those perfect crispy french fries from your local burger joint at home? Soft in the middle, crispy on the outside…. mmmmm.

A Madison sensor can’t teach you how to cook the perfect fries, but here are 4 key steps that many agree you can take in your own kitchen to try and reach potato nirvana:

  1. Use russet potatoes. These are denser than other varieties and hold the least amount of moisture.
  2. Slice the fries thinly and uniformly.
  3. Fry in peanut oil, which has a high smoking point. This allows the oil to get very hot without burning.
  4. 4. Fry those fries TWICE – once to cook them through, and once to make them crispy.


(So where is the sensor? In the fryolator of that local burger joint!)