FAQ: Which switch material is best suited for my liquid level application?

  • 316 Stainless Steel: For high-temperature (to 250°C), high-pressure (to 300 PSIG) and corrosive conditions. Commonly used in food processing, medical, heating and cooling equipment.
  • Polypropylene & Polysulfone: For acidic conditions, such as found in electroplating and metal cleaning. Another choice for lower-temperature (to 105°C) food processing applications (Madison Company uses only polypropylene that is FDA-approved for food contact). Also a good choice for general-purpose applications in commercial or consumer appliances and equipment.
  • Brass & Buna-N, PBT & Buna-N: The selection for petroleum-based liquids, such as lubricating oils, gasoline and diesel fuels. Widely used in storage tanks of vehicles, generators, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Other uses are in lubrication, recovery, refining and fuel processing equipment. PBT is not suitable for use at temperatures above 130°C.
  • Kynar: Chemical- and solvent-resistant properties make this material a problem solver for many applications. Its high-purity nature is ideal for food handling and sensitive laboratory or test equipment.