Featured application: Car Washes

Automatic car washes are a wonderful example of modern convenience. They protect a car’s finish and prevent corrosion without the driver ever needing to exit a vehicle. But did you know that they use less water than washing your car manually? It’s true. Many automatic car washes even recycle a portion of waterwater, adding to their efficiency.

Liquid level sensors are critical components in every automatic car wash, and many Madison float switches are working to keep car washes operating today.

Point and continuous level sensors are used in car washes to detect levels of soap and other consumables. Ultrasonic level sensors are particularly well-suited to monitoring wastewater usage, as they can work in the presence of foam and vapor.

Other sensors are used in the cash wash for the purpose of vehicle detection. Proximity sensors are employed to ensure that your car can progress safely through each stage, and to start and stop washing equipment at the optimal time.

We hope you’ll agree that automatic car washes are pretty cool, as are the sensors that make them possible.

Featured application: Car Washes