Featured Application: Characteristics of Food and Beverage Liquids

Product quality and product consistency are how food processing and food service equipment manufacturers maintain their industry reputation and repeat business. Inaccurate liquid level measurement, inadequate overflow protection and incorrect ingredient dispensing can cost food processing and food service equipment manufacturers time, money and wasted product. Some of the most well-known names in commercial food equipment utilize Madison Company's liquid level sensors, float switches, and temperature sensors for their reliability, durability and longevity, even in difficult conditions.

How Madison services the Food and Beverage industry:

  • FDA/NSF Compliant products available - read more about Madison product Approvals
  • Wide variety of Food Grade materials available – 316 Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, and Kynar
  • Custom Engineered liquid level solutions for specialized applications.
  • Personalized service and support