Featured Article: Custom Level Sensors, Fast: The Madison Way

Madison Company was featured prominently in the October issue of Design-2-Part magazine, a widely-circulated trade publication that focuses on parts manufacturers and suppliers who use advanced and cost-effective manufacturing processes to create high-quality products.

As you may recall, Madison played host to Mark Shortt, the Design2Part magazine's Editorial Director, back in June. Mark interviewed Steve Schickler, President, and David Dering, Vice President on how Madison’s capabilities as a U.S.-based manufacturer provide an advantage to its customers. 

The theme of D2P's October issue is "MADE IN THE U.S.A.", and in the lead article "How Manufacturers Are Playing the Long Game," D2P explores the various ways domestic manufacturers have sustained long-term growth. Steven Schickler and David Dering provided statements discussing the importance and value of long-term relationships with customers and suppliers alike. Schickler told D2P that strong relationships with customers are built by spending time with them on the phone and in-person, learning what they’re trying to accomplish and what’s important to them.

“We’re attuned to listening to what our customers really want to do,” he said. “A lot of times, they say they want ‘X.’ We’ll ask a few questions, and ask a few more, and we often find that we can improve on what they wanted by executing with the capability and knowledge that we have here.”

Dering added that Madison looks for high reliability, quality, and cost competitiveness in its own suppliers. As a company, Madison is also very loyal to its suppliers who meet those requirements. He added:

“If somebody does a good job for us—if they’re reliable and have good quality, we’re not necessarily going to jump vendors for a penny,” Dering said. “So, it’s a two-way street: We’re not looking for the cheapest, quickest guy every time. Long-term relationships are important.”

On page 86, Madison Company is individually featured in a 4-page company profile entitled "Custom Level Sensors, Fast: The Madison Way." The article touches on the origins of Madison Company, the basics of float switch theory, a discussion of the company's capabilities, and an interesting case study whereby Madison engineered a custom dual-purpose liquid level and temperature sensor able to withstand an extremely harsh operating environment. The article is a wonderful overview of Madison's history and business philosophy, and we are grateful to Design-2-Part for the exposure. Madison is also proud to be included in any discussion of U.S.A.-based manufacturing, and this issue contains many unique and interesting perspectives on that topic. 

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