Featured Product: M5010

A side or horizontally mounted liquid level sensor offers an advantage when top or bottom mounting is not available. The M5010 is a miniature, stainless steel, horizontally mounted liquid level sensor that can be easily installed through a simple drilled hole in the side of the container. Durable and compatible with many types of liquids, 316 stainless steel is ideal for food processing, especially in high temperature applications, as well as medical applications and petrochemical.

The M5010 operates in an on/off state, and is used to control an external device such as an alarm or an on/off switch. General applications include high-low level alarm triggers, overflow or spill prevention, and pump protection. Obstructions in tanks and difficult mountings often require a user to bend the stem for proper installation. Madison's engineering staff can design float switches with offset stems that solve many types of installation problems.If you are interested in applications for the M5010 miniature liquid level sensor, give Madison a call at 203-488-4477 or contact us at info@madisonco.com.