Featured Product: M5920 Side Mounted Stainless Steel Float Switch

When designing for industrial applications that incorporate liquid level sensing, it is important to consider not only the functionality of the float switch, but the environment as well. In many applications, such as sensing liquid levels in fuel tanks, marine black and grey water bilges, ballast tanks, and hydraulic reservoirs, liquids can be turbulent, dirty, corrosive and even explosive or flammable.

The Madison M5920 side mounted stainless steel float switch is one of the most robust products in the Madison sensor line. Stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant, sanitary and generally used in high temperature and pressure applications. This NPT side mount design installs into pressure sealed tank access ports and includes an external fitting to provide proper sealing from the outside environment. The M5920 is also UL Haz Loc (E150881) and CSA Haz Loc (LR26414) approved for use in hazardous locations.