Featured Product: M8000

For applications where tank intrusion needs to be minimized, or where space is tight, Madison’s M8000 series miniature float switches are reliable, flexible and versatile. The M8000 is a food grade, NSF listed polypropylene switch with 1/8” NPT, making it perfect for food service and food processing applications. The MS8000 is configured with a slosh shield when the liquid being detected is turbulent and/or has some solids. The M8000-C is a specialty float switch used to detect water levels in condensate pans. The M8000-B has a 3/8-16 UNC fitting for mounting through tanks walls when tank accessibility is limited.

  • Polypropylene float and stem are suitable for use with acidic liquids
  • NSF listed (M8000, M8000-B)
  • Good for potable water, food equipment and food processing, chemicals and acids
  • Economical
  • Float is field-reversible from Normally Closed to Normally Open

If you are interested in applications for the M8000 series liquid level sensor, give Madison a call at 203-488-4477 or contact us at info@madisonco.com