A Deep Dive into Underground Water Storage Tanks

Recently our friends at Tanks Direct in Laurel, MD published a helpful post called, Four Applications for Underwater Storage Tanks, that we encourage our readers to review. We know many of our existing clients and future customers have facilities that might benefit from having immediate access to large volumes of water for various purposes. Four primary applications of large-volume water storage include:

Fire Cisterns & Sprinkler Reservoirs: Fire suppression systems that meet local and state safety codes require instant access to thousands of gallons of water. Large office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing facilities may choose to meet this need by installing special water tanks just for this emergency use application. 

Greywater: Water that has been exposed to minor contaminants but still might be useful for non-drinking purposes is commonly called "greywater". Greywater can be collected in a variety of ways, either captured from an internal washing process, roof runoff or HVAC system condensation, but can still be used for non-potable applications. 

Agri-Business: Farmers and Ranchers of all sizes need access to water, regardless of what Mother Nature might have in mind. Underground water storage tanks can ensure access to water for irrigation of crops or keeping livestock watered, regardless of recent weather patterns. 

Rainwater Harvesting: Under some circumstances, heavy rainwater runoff can cause environmental erosion damaging local ecosystems and endangering wildlife. Diverting rainwater runoff into a water storage tank can allow for the controlled distribution of this resource, with side benefits such as on-demand irrigation, recycling, sustainability and more. 


Does your facility benefit from underground water storage tanks, and if so, how can Madison Company help with your water sensing requirements? 

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