How can I measure a tank level without contacting the material?

In some level sensing scenarios, a trusty float switch simply won’t work. Sticky or viscous media can impede the operation of a float. Heavy agitation can also affect operation. Many times, the level of solids must be measured. In these cases and more, non-contact technology is needed.

There are two primary technologies employed in non-contact level measurement: radar and ultrasonic. Madison's ultrasonic level sensors rely on high-frequency sound waves above the range of human hearing (over 20,000 hertz) to measure level. Our ultrasonic sensors use ultrasonic sound waves to sense the level of liquids, solids or powders in air-based containers, tanks and vessels of all sizes and shapes.

If a Madison ultrasonic sensor can't measure the level of your liquid, our radar sensors can. Madison's radar sensors can detect the liquid level under a layer of airy foam and even can measure oil/water interfaces.

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