How do you launch a product successfully?

NSI, a regional IT and cyber security firm, recently asked area sales and marketing leaders that very question. Madison Marketing Manager Janice Despotakis offered her top tip: market your product early.

"Build anticipation before launch, especially with key customers," instructs Janice.

"Arm the salespeople with value props, presentations, prototypes and any pre-launch offers 3-4 months before the product goes live. Make the prospect or customer feel that they are 'in the know' so that they feel special. Start a whisper campaign on social media and in trade publications."

Big manufacturing companies use this tactic. Apple or Samsung announce the "idea," or prototype for new smartphones, months ahead of actual completion. And although this sometimes backfires, case in point the Samsung Fold and the iPhone 7, early marketing continues to be a best practice when launching new products. 

More marketing tips are included in the full article, Tips from your Peers: Launching a new product in 2020 (Manufacturing).

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