How the Internet of Things May Change a Manufacturer's Organizational Structure

While we've provided important news and information about the Internet of Things trend within our blog  previously, we haven't dedicated much attention to how IoT will impact manufacturers in the future. With a bit of research we discovered, thanks to Harvard Business Review and this post from Manufacturing Business Technology, that there are four critical opportunities for manufacturers to change their organizational structures to prepare for the rapid changes that will result from IoT. These four points include:

1. The Integration of Research and Development with Information Technology.

2. Leveraging insight and intelligence from the new asset of "Big Data".

3. New "Dev-Ops" groups that ensure released products receive updates, patches and maintenance services. 

4. Customer Success Management units monitor product usage and gauge customer value in partnership with marketing, sales and service departments. 

Clearly we expect the Internet of Things to change how we function as a society, but we must prepare our manufacturing companies to adjust to these new changes that are just on the horizon. 

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