Is Your Beer Made from Reclaimed Wastewater?

In preparation for the WaterReuse Symposium hitting Phoenix next month there's a very mysterious semi-truck full of water circling the state of Arizona. According to this Phoenix New Times article, the AZ Pure Water Brew Truck has already made stops in Yuma, Tucson, Flagstaff and Phoenix, with one simple mission: Get Arizona brewers to use reclaimed wastewater to make their local brews! Clearly, clean ground water for brewing in the state of Arizona is not as easily accessible a commodity compared to other states, so this statewide program was created to provide participating brewers with reclaimed wastewater and to "fight the wastewater taboo". At least five breweries from Phoenix have agreed to compete in a beer tasting contest, the AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge, that will be held during the WaterReuse Symposium, September 10-13 in Phoenix. So we have to ask the dozens of brewers who rely upon Madison Company custom sensors and switches in their bright tanks and fermentation tanks, would you try a Reclaimed Wastewater Wheat? 

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AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge