Retired Shipping Containers Continue Delivering Fresh Fruits & Veggies

We first discovered the power of hydroponic container farming last year thanks to a client who contacted Madison Company with a request for a UL approved, warrantied multi-level switch. We were fascinated by this type of micro business that is turning old shipping containers and 'food deserts' (communities that have minimal access to fresh foods) into thriving and scalable farms. Now it seems we can't turn on a TV or read the Washington Post without discovering the latest advancement in hydroponic container farming. While the idea itself is novel, what's truly astounding is the fact that a 40 foot container can grow as much produce as 3-5 acres of land, but do it twice as fast and use 97% less water and grow year round! Companies such as FreightFarms create and sell the self-contained farms to farmers and entrepreneurs, which in turn sell their crops to local restaurants and farmer's markets. The highest profile advocate of container farming? Kimbal Musk - brother of Elon Musk- and co-founder of Square Roots in Brooklyn NY! Perhaps we'll soon see container farms in space?  

If you are in the hydroponic farming business and have some special needs for fluid sensing and switches, do not hesitate to contact Madison Company today.  We can truly help your gardens grow! 

shipping Container Farm