Miniature Continuous Float Level Sensors

Accurate measurement of liquid volumes at any point in a container is critical for many commercial and industrial processes. Reducing process variability results in less waste, higher quality and reduced cost, and can make a big difference in profitability for OEMs.

Madison's continuous float level sensors offer all the advantages of reed switch based technology, now available in a ruggedized, miniature version for applications with a small tank footprint.

Madison’s miniature continuous float level sensors provide feedback that is used to achieve precise fluid level detection at any point in the tank. As part of a feedback loop, the linear sensor output can also be used to adjust metering pumps or flow valves to maintain predictable process control.

C4954-xxxxx Miniature Continuous Float Level Sensor Features:

  • Customizable mountings and sensing length from 3" to 13"
  • Proven, durable construction for harsh environments
  • Provides precise, linear, continuous liquid level values 
  • Configurable in mixed materials for fluid compatibility and long life
  • Ideal for small dosing tanks
  • Provides standard 4-20mA, resistive or voltage output types for panel meters and PLCs 
  • Much smaller ‘deadband’ than radar and ultrasonic sensors


  • Dispensing fuel additives
  • Monitoring high value chemicals
  • Monitoring dispensed agricultural fertilizers
  • Small day tank level monitoring
  • Lubricating applications

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