Miniature Multi-Point Liquid Level Switch Specification Worksheet

Madison Company can engineer multi-point liquid level switches to meet your application needs. Please provide the information requested below so that our Engineering Department can determine the appropriate switch design for your application.


  • Fill out contact information.
  • Complete Process Conditions.
  • Select float design, stem material and watt rating.
  • Select mounting configuration.
  • Provide required dimensions and switch operation.
  • Submit form data.

All measurements in parentheses are in millimeters. For a printable .pdf version of this worksheet, please click here.

Contact Info
Process Conditions
Float and Stem Materials
Mounting Configurations
Length & Operating Point

Please specify lengths and switch operation in chart below, always starting with the bottom switch (L4). Refer to Switch Set-Up Criteria below in order to determine lengths required.

Additional levels are available. Please consult factory.

Note: 3 levels maximum on model M8080
Lengths Required
Switch Oper. NO/NC
Slosh Shield
Switch Set-Up Criteria

For M5002, M5042, M8080, M8002, M8042, M4402, M4502

L (Total) = L4 + 1" (25.4mm) Min.
Distance from mounting fitting to first switch = 3/4" (19.05mm) Min.
Minimum distance between floats: 1-1/2" (38.1mm) / 1-3/4" (44.5mm) for M8080
Minimum LH = 1-1/2" (38.1mm) / NA for M8080
Typical Current & Voltage Ratings
Watts Voltage Current Amps
30 240 AC
120 AC
120 DC
24 DC

Above ratings are for resistive loads only. For inductive loads, maximum life will be achieved if appropriate arc suppression is used.

Model Max. Temp. Max. PSIG
M5002* 200˚C 300
M5042 200˚C 300
M4502 105˚C 150
M4402 105˚C 150
M8002* 105˚C 100
M8042 105˚C 100
M8080* 105˚C 25

* NSF approved for use in food equipment.

NC Operation:

SS Floats:
Witness mark (round circle) down.
Plastic Floats:
Magnets up.

NO Operation:

SS Floats:
Witness mark (round circle) up.
Plastic Floats:
Magnets down.