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NRTL Standards

Do products really need NRTL approvals? Are they worth the expense? We believe the answer is a resounding "yes." Read why.

Our interface floats are calibrated to a precise specific gravity, allowing them to sink in one medium and float in another.

Our interface floats are calibrated to a precise specific gravity, allowing them to sink in one medium and float in another.

Madison's continuous float level sensors offer all the advantages of reed switch based technology, now available in a ruggedized, miniature version for applications with a small tank footprint.

Sensors for food, beverage and beyond: Madison is the choice for FDA/NSF compliant products for the public health, safety and environmental sectors.

Product Configurator

With our Product Configurator, you can determine the perfect multi-level switch or tape level indicator for the job at hand.

Madison is the go-to source for reliable, durable level sensors for the water treatment industry.

Madison's stainless steel single-point float switches have been providing dependable liquid level readings for decades.

We are happy to announce a new distribution partnership with Faber Industrial Technologies, located in Clifton, NJ.

Chemical Compatibility

Learn how to select the correct float switch or sensor material that matches your liquid environment.

Centro Inc. will begin offering Madison liquid level sensing products throughout the Southeastern USA.

Agility EMS

Introducing our newest partner in the midwest: St. Paul MN-based distributor Agility Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions.

Temp Press, Inc

Temp Press Inc., located in Rochester NY, has begun representing Madison Company sales throughout the state of New York.

Gordon Hatch Company

Gordon Hatch Company is now the Madison Company representative covering the state of Wisconsin.

NEFF Power

Madison Company is thrilled to announce a partnership with respected automation distributor Neff Power, covering the Midwest, South and Southwest.

We are pleased to announce that Quinn Associates, based in Tampa, FL, will soon join the Madison Company global distribution network.

Madison Company salutes our employees Brian Parker, Mark Strucaly and Michael Ader (not pictured) for their service.

Welcome to Davis Controls, the newest distributor of Madison Company sensor products in Canada!

In some level sensing scenarios, a trusty float switch simply won’t work.

Featured application: Car Washes

Liquid level sensors are critical components in every automatic car wash, and many Madison float switches are working to keep car washes operating today.

Recommended sensor materials for chlorine

Pool and sanitizer system customers often select polypropylene for use in chlorinated systems, but we recommend another material.

Safe Underground Gas Storage with the M3769 Interstitial Float Switch

Have you noticed a lot of gas stations digging up their underground storage tanks recently? We sure have, and the reason is simple: underground storage tanks (USTs) must be replaced periodically for safety reasons. Spills, leaks and fires are real risks, and even a minor leak can cause major harm to people, property, and the environment. Steel tanks are particularly prone to corrosion. Therefore, the EPA closely regulates the installation, maintenance and replacement of approximately 544,000 USTs nationwide.

Industry Report: Radar Sensors Market Expected to Grow Significantly

According to a report published by ReportLinker, the radar sensors market was valued at USD 10.32 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach USD 22 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 18.36% during (2020 - 2025).

Madison sister company Reliance Detection Technologies (RDT) designs solutions that make it easy to manage undetected leaks in commercial and residential buildings.

DId you know that liquid level sensors are frequently employed in microbrewing operations? It’s true!

Madison full-size multi-point switches can be set for up to six levels, and our miniature switches can be set for up to four levels.

Do you have a sensor that is underperforming? Is cost your only driver?

Read about Madison's U5098 series of ultrasonic sensors in WaterWorld magazine, and on sensortips.com

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Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, our attention has been focused on those medical applications where our products can make the greatest impact during this difficult time. Learn more about these important medical devices, and the sensors that allow their operation:

Madison Company constantly provides opportunities to its employees for continuous improvement in order to improve quality, proficiency and value to customers.