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Temp Press, Inc

Temp Press Inc., located in Rochester NY, has begun representing Madison Company sales throughout the state of New York.

Gordon Hatch Company

Gordon Hatch Company is now the Madison Company representative covering the state of Wisconsin.

NEFF Power

Madison Company is thrilled to announce a partnership with respected automation distributor Neff Power, covering the Midwest, South and Southwest.

We are pleased to announce that Quinn Associates, based in Tampa, FL, will soon join the Madison Company global distribution network.

Madison Company salutes our employees Brian Parker, Mark Strucaly and Michael Ader (not pictured) for their service.

Welcome to Davis Controls, the newest distributor of Madison Company sensor products in Canada!

In some level sensing scenarios, a trusty float switch simply won’t work.

Featured application: Car Washes

Liquid level sensors are critical components in every automatic car wash, and many Madison float switches are working to keep car washes operating today.

Recommended sensor materials for chlorine

Pool and sanitizer system customers often select polypropylene for use in chlorinated systems, but we recommend another material.

Safe Underground Gas Storage with the M3769 Interstitial Float Switch

Have you noticed a lot of gas stations digging up their underground storage tanks recently? We sure have, and the reason is simple: underground storage tanks (USTs) must be replaced periodically for safety reasons. Spills, leaks and fires are real risks, and even a minor leak can cause major harm to people, property, and the environment. Steel tanks are particularly prone to corrosion. Therefore, the EPA closely regulates the installation, maintenance and replacement of approximately 544,000 USTs nationwide.

Industry Report: Radar Sensors Market Expected to Grow Significantly

According to a report published by ReportLinker, the radar sensors market was valued at USD 10.32 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach USD 22 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 18.36% during (2020 - 2025).

Madison sister company Reliance Detection Technologies (RDT) designs solutions that make it easy to manage undetected leaks in commercial and residential buildings.

DId you know that liquid level sensors are frequently employed in microbrewing operations? It’s true!

Madison full-size multi-point switches can be set for up to six levels, and our miniature switches can be set for up to four levels.

Do you have a sensor that is underperforming? Is cost your only driver?

Read about Madison's U5098 series of ultrasonic sensors in WaterWorld magazine, and on sensortips.com

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, our attention has been focused on those medical applications where our products can make the greatest impact during this difficult time. Learn more about these important medical devices, and the sensors that allow their operation:

Madison Company constantly provides opportunities to its employees for continuous improvement in order to improve quality, proficiency and value to customers.

Did you know liquid level sensors are used in critical medical devices such as ventilators and humidifiers?

IT and cyber security firm NSI recently asked area sales and marketing leaders that very question. Marketing Manager Janice Despotakis offered her top tip.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Learn how Madison created a technical solution for one OEM that exceeded design expectations within a tight time period.

Madison has the capability and capacity to offer much more than liquid level sensors!

Whether it's a well for drinking water, a holding tank for livestock, or a reservoir for an ice machine, improper level sensing can mean no drinking water, no ice, and possibly a burned out pump. Read how Madison serves the drinking water industry...

Why go to several different vendors? Madison’s manufacturing capabilities go beyond liquid level sensors.

Madison Company recently exhibited at the Design2Part Midwest trade show at the Indiana Convention Center, where high-quality suppliers met face-to-face to demonstrate new technologies.

Storage and measurement of fuels and oils can present very specific challenges. Learn how Madison serves the fuel and oil industries.

How does one protect switches against turbulence within the tank?

Madison Company Featured in Oct. 2019 Design-2-Part Magazine Article: Custom Level Sensors, Fast: The Madison Way

The right way to make coffee is how YOU like it – but there are a few tips to ensure that perfect cup.

Custom multi-level float switches are a proven solution for the detection of multiple levels in a container: learn how they work in this helpful animation!

On a recent trip to Greece, Madison's Marketing Manager noticed a familiar emblem.

Multi-point float switches and continuous float level sensors are designed to gather important information about the fluid within a vessel. Is one better than the other?

Learn how to determine which switch materials work best for different liquid level applications.

Read about Madison's new miniature, continuous-float level sensor in the August issue of Design-2-Part Magazine.

Madison Company has received several letters from active-duty troops... we are honored to participate in Operation American Soldier!

Madison was very pleased to receive its continued certification for ISO 9001:2015 from Intertek.

Paints and coatings processes are a demanding concern for a surprising number of industries. Madison Company's sensors and switches are often chosen for their reliability, durability and longevity in difficult conditions.

Madison can provide solutions to control the liquid level between a high and a low point.

We have all seen those exquisitely decorated cakes and cookies, beautiful enough to have been pulled right out of a Monet painting. A little Web surfing reveals many recipes for edible paints that can be made right at home!

Learn how stainless float switches are designed to withstand the challenges of fuel and oil applications.

Some of the most well-known names in commercial food equipment utilize Madison Company's liquid level sensors, float switches, and temperature sensors for their reliability, durability and longevity, even in difficult conditions.

Madison Company had a good time in June hosting Mark Shortt, the Editorial Director from Design2Part magazine.

It’s summer – time for camping and bonfires. Have you ever wondered how to turn those leaping flames different colors?

Madison recently celebrated 5 people who have been with the company for 20 years.

Some surprising oddities have ended up in sewers around the world...

You can! Madison Company offers a full range of value-added options.

Madison continuous level sensors monitor the fuel levels in many standby generators.

Madison's new miniature continuous float-level sensor was recently featured on Sensor Tips.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Read Madison's new white paper: Liquid level sensors for harsh environments

Madison Company recently participated in two Design2Part trade shows, where high-quality suppliers met face-to-face to demonstrate new technologies.

Putting ketchup in aluminum is a no-no, but how about beer, coffee and mayo? Read about the chemical compatibility of three everyday liquids.

Madison's continuous float level sensors are now available in a ruggedized, miniature version for applications with a small tank footprint.

How can I tell if my float switch is set for Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) operation? How can I change it from NO to NC (or vice versa)? Learn how now.

Thanks to all who visited Madison Company at Design-2-Part Southern New England.

Madison Company is enjoying a productive first day at the Southern New England Design-2-Part Show!

Flammable liquid and gas storage tanks and the storing of such liquids and gases are what most people think of when the term ‘hazardous location’ is used.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

What are the differences between inkjet and laser printers, anyway? Click through to read more and find the sensor application!

Madison Company enjoyed a successful showing at Design2Part Texas, meeting with many fellow engineers and manufacturers at booth 320.

For applications that require a precise, continuous level readout, Madison offers a line of float level sensors that detect a changing liquid level and send this information to a panel meter display. Learn how they work in this helpful animation!

Many commercial generators rely on remote fuel storage tanks for their fuel supply. Madison specializes in accommodating such variety.

There are hundreds of bottled water brands out there, all claiming to be the best. The most natural. The purest. But it’s all just water, right? Not quite.

Madison Company will be exhibiting at two Design-2-Part trade shows this Spring. If you are able to attend one or both, please stop by our booth!

One of the main considerations when choosing a switch is the specific gravity of the float. Read on to learn the specific gravity values of Madison's most common floats.

If you’ve ever seen a robotic floor scrubber in action, you may have wondered how those big automated machines were invented. OK, maybe not! But those floor cleaners are a marvel compared to hand scrubbing, making it possible to clean floors efficiently and safely while creating that gorgeous shine.

Each year, Design World publishes an issue dedicated to highlighting manufacturers across a number of disciplines. It is called Leadership in Engineering, and Madison Company is thrilled to be listed on page 374 (page 122 in the digital edition) of this year's edition.

Have you always wanted to replicate those perfect crispy french fries from your local burger joint at home? We'll show you the secret!

When you are looking for value, you are looking for a trusted advisor, not a supplier.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Madison Company was recently awarded a plaque in thanks for its contributions to the Operation American Soldier “Taste of Home” Initiative.

Being a proud, Made in America, Made in Connecticut manufacturer for over 50 years, Madison Company receives regular updates from the CT Department of Economic and Community Development.

Madison Company's team and booth arrived safely in San Jose, where Sensors Expo & Conference is currently in full swing.

The June edition of Sensor Technology has highlighted Madison's advancements in reed switch-based technology.

This month's featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is precision farming.

The Madison and Reliance Detection crew is hard at work getting our trade show booth ready! Invitations have gone out for D2P Upper Midwest and Sensors Expo!

Madison was back visiting local colleges this month, interviewing some of the best young engineering minds in the state.

Madison Company was pleased to attend the 2018 School of Engineering Career Fair, held on the UCONN campus in Storrs.

This month's featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is "The Human Cell Atlas."

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

If you like the aerospace industry, check out the February 2018 Eastern edition of Design2Part.

Design World has just released their January 2018 Leadership issue, and you can find Madison Company on page 402.

Madison’s point level float switches are designed to be simple, cost-effective, durable and reliable.

The second featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is Liquid Fuels From Sunshine.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

The second featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is Clean Water from Air.

Madison is now partnering with Design-2-Part and Design World, two highly respected trade resources serving OEMs and design engineers.

Madison recently exhibited at the Portland, Oregon Design-2-Part show on November 1 and 2.

Each year, the WEF publishes a diverse range of breakthrough technologies, chosen for their potential to improve lives, transform industries and safeguard the planet. The first is Liquid Biopsy.

Signal Issues related to ground loops or shared commons can be common in industrial process control equipment.