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IT and cyber security firm NSI recently asked area sales and marketing leaders that very question. Marketing Manager Janice Despotakis offered her top tip.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Learn how Madison created a technical solution for one OEM that exceeded design expectations within a tight time period.

Madison has the capability and capacity to offer much more than liquid level sensors!

Whether it's a well for drinking water, a holding tank for livestock, or a reservoir for an ice machine, improper level sensing can mean no drinking water, no ice, and possibly a burned out pump. Read how Madison serves the drinking water industry...

Why go to several different vendors? Madison’s manufacturing capabilities go beyond liquid level sensors.

Madison Company recently exhibited at the Design2Part Midwest trade show at the Indiana Convention Center, where high-quality suppliers met face-to-face to demonstrate new technologies.

Storage and measurement of fuels and oils can present very specific challenges. Learn how Madison serves the fuel and oil industries.

How does one protect switches against turbulence within the tank?

Madison Company Featured in Oct. 2019 Design-2-Part Magazine Article: Custom Level Sensors, Fast: The Madison Way

The right way to make coffee is how YOU like it – but there are a few tips to ensure that perfect cup.

Custom multi-level float switches are a proven solution for the detection of multiple levels in a container: learn how they work in this helpful animation!

On a recent trip to Greece, Madison's Marketing Manager noticed a familiar emblem.

Multi-point float switches and continuous float level sensors are designed to gather important information about the fluid within a vessel. Is one better than the other?

Learn how to determine which switch materials work best for different liquid level applications.

Read about Madison's new miniature, continuous-float level sensor in the August issue of Design-2-Part Magazine.

Madison Company has received several letters from active-duty troops... we are honored to participate in Operation American Soldier!

Madison was very pleased to receive its continued certification for ISO 9001:2015 from Intertek.

Paints and coatings processes are a demanding concern for a surprising number of industries. Madison Company's sensors and switches are often chosen for their reliability, durability and longevity in difficult conditions.

Madison can provide solutions to control the liquid level between a high and a low point.

We have all seen those exquisitely decorated cakes and cookies, beautiful enough to have been pulled right out of a Monet painting. A little Web surfing reveals many recipes for edible paints that can be made right at home!

Learn how stainless float switches are designed to withstand the challenges of fuel and oil applications.

Some of the most well-known names in commercial food equipment utilize Madison Company's liquid level sensors, float switches, and temperature sensors for their reliability, durability and longevity, even in difficult conditions.

Madison Company had a good time in June hosting Mark Shortt, the Editorial Director from Design2Part magazine.

It’s summer – time for camping and bonfires. Have you ever wondered how to turn those leaping flames different colors?

Madison recently celebrated 5 people who have been with the company for 20 years.

Some surprising oddities have ended up in sewers around the world...

You can! Madison Company offers a full range of value-added options.

Madison continuous level sensors monitor the fuel levels in many standby generators.

Madison's new miniature continuous float-level sensor was recently featured on Sensor Tips.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Read Madison's new white paper: Liquid level sensors for harsh environments