Optical Sensor Series

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Container overfill or container empty can cost OEMs time, money and aggravation during certain processes. When containers are closed or inaccessible, OEMs rely on point level measurement sensors, combined with remote alarms and/or pump controls, to detect liquid high/low levels. Well-known point level switch technologies from Madison Company are available such as optical sensors, conductivity sensors, or float switches with reed switch technology, among others.

Madison optical switches are accurate and repeatable switched output detectors with no moving parts and minimal fluid contact. Their compact design allows for mounting in tight spaces. They also provide reverse polarity, over-voltage, short circuit and transient protection.

Optical Sensor Features:

  • No moving parts for dependability and longevity
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration and shock
  • Unaffected by hardness or conductivity – can sense a variety of clean, non-coating liquids such as ultrapure water, oil and CO2
  • Highly accurate with no recalibration needed
  • Must be selected for Wet or Dry sensing - (not field changeable)

Sensor Reference Information:

Madison’s industry expertise is not only in the manufacture of high-quality optical sensors, but also in the recommendation of the proper optical sensor type. Madison’s trained experts will consider fluid composition, chemical compatibility, container size and shape, agitation and by-products (foam or vapor), level range and required 3rd party certification(s). If a standard optical sensor will not work for the application, Madison can custom engineer a solution in as little as 4 days, once the requirements are established.