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Links to installation manuals, specification sheets and other product information are available below.

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The following Installation and Maintenance Manuals are available for download in PDF format:

Manual # Product Model/Name
MF-002 Liquid Level Switches
MF-003-1 M3784 Conductivity Sensor Head
MF-005 Multi-Level Switch Kits Installation Manual
MF-008 Model U3/U4 & R3/R4 Ultrasonic, Sanitary and Radar Sensors
MF-009 Model U3/U4 & R3/R4 Sensors 
with Communication for a Single or Network Level Sensor
MF-017 Model U3M Mini Ultrasonic Sensors
MF-025 Model M4189 Tilt Float Liquid Level Switches
MF-027 Models M4168, M4196 & U3M Drum Level Sensors
MF-028 M8000-C Condensate Level Switch
MF-044 R2 Controller
MF-045 R1 Relay
MF-067 TL4569 and TL4570 Series, Visual Level Indicators

Other Downloads

Product Model/Name
Madison Company Catalog

Communication Software for Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors Ver. 6.7 (32.4 MB .zip)

Product Specification Worksheets

Madison Company can engineer sensing products to meet your specific application needs. Please provide the information requested in the appropriate specification worksheet so that our Engineering Department can determine the appropriate switch design for your application.

Specification worksheets may be filled out and submitted online. If you prefer to print and send us your specs, a downloadable .pdf of each spec sheet is also available.

Specification Worksheet  Downloadable .pdf
Full-Size Multi-Point Full-Size Multi-Point
Miniature Multi-Point Miniature Multi-Point
Continuous Float Level Sensor Continuous Float Level Sensor
Hydrostatic Pressure Level Sensors Hydrostatic Pressure Level Sensors
Optical Liquid Level Switches Optical Liquid Level Switches
Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors
Visual Level Sensors Visual Level Sensors