Model # C4651-xxxxx

Continuous float level sensor, user selectable, customizable sensing length

  • Provides tank level indication and control of tanks with restricted or limited access
  • Precise monitoring in mixing tanks
  • Interface between two dissimilar liquids such as oil and water
  • Central monitoring of remote multiple tanks.
  • Ideal for water based fluids or petroleum or chemicals for industrial tanks
  • Designed for many years of service
  • Analog continuous level output can be combined with PLCs, digital panel meters, or other devices to provide ‘up to the minute’ level readout and fluid level control
  • Precise, uninterrupted tank level readout and control with ¼" resolution
  • Available with standard output types - 4-20mA loop current, 1-5Vdc voltage, or resistive
  • Mixed materials available for fluid compatibility
  • Custom configurations available through the Madison online configurator
  • Standard materials can be custom configured within 2 weeks

Use our Product Configurator to generate an instant quote. $500 minimum order required for configured/engineered products.

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