CK4808-13540 - Mini Ultrasonic Kit

Ultrasonic Level Sensor with Configured Panel Meter

Madison Company’s CK4808-13540 kit includes an Ultrasonic Level Sensor and advanced Process Panel Meter, and is ideal for non contact liquid level measurement and control. This kit is preprogrammed for turn key tank level measurement for 6’ sensing range, and includes two programable relays, pre-set for 10% and 90%. They can be field configured for any desired values, and the readout can be displayed in gallons, inches, or % as desired.

Features: U3M‐148 ‐ Ultrasonic Continuous Level Sensor

  • Non‐contact measurement up to 6 ft.
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Push‐button Programmable Calibration
  • Microprocessor‐based reliability
  • Temperature compensaon
  • Non‐volatile memory
  • Self‐cleaning sensor face is unaffected by condensation

Features: MD4815‐110‐02 ‐ Panel Meter

  • 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meter with NEMA 4X, IP65 Front
  • Dual‐Line 6‐Digit Display, 0.6" (15 mm) & 0.46" (12 mm)
  • 4‐20 mA, 0‐20mA, 0‐5 V, and ±10 V Selectable Inputs
  • Standard Input Power 85‐265 VAC
  • Isolated 24 VDC Transmitter Power Supply
  • 2 Relays with Interlocking Capability
  • Multi‐Pump Alternation Control
  • Operating Range: ‐40 to 65°C (‐40 to 150°F)
  • Programmable Display, Function Keys
  • Free PC‐Based MeterView Pro USB Programming Software included


  • Non‐Contact Continuous Measurement
  • Various liquids and slurries
  • Vented tanks up to 6'
  • Food and beverage
  • Water and wastewater
  • Oils & Vaporless Chemicals
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