Rainwater Harvesting Systems Flow For Factories

Rainwater harvesting, a strategy to capture and safely store rainwater to use for drinking, bathing, cleaning and landscape irrigation, has a history that many believe may date back 6,000 years ago to China. Within the past five decades, many homeowners attempting to live "off-the-grid" have modernized ancient techniques in order to have significantly less dependence on local water supplies. But as our society flows into a new future, where water resources are becoming a greater concern, year after year, rainwater harvesting is starting to become a topic for industrial, commercial and federal facilities. With the Environmental Protection Agency now pushing for more rainwater catchment, and western communities in California and Arizona rewarding businesses and homeowners for installing harvesting systems, it's no surprise that more companies are taking a more serious look at these prospects. In additional to water and energy savings, rainwater catchment is also a practice that can help properties owners achieve LEED certification for their buildings.  Remember that Madison’s liquid level sensors are highly suitable for rainwater harvesting systems – if your facility is considering this type of installation, please contact Madison Company. We would be glad to help!