Safe Underground Gas Storage with the M3769 Interstitial Float Switch

Have you noticed a lot of gas stations digging up their underground storage tanks recently? We sure have, and the reason is simple: underground storage tanks (USTs) must be replaced periodically for safety reasons. Spills, leaks and fires are real risks, and even a minor leak can cause major harm to people, property, and the environment. Steel tanks are particularly prone to corrosion. Therefore, the EPA closely regulates the installation, maintenance and replacement of approximately 544,000 USTs nationwide.

According to EPA regulations (see: https://www.epa.gov/ust), all hazardous substance USTs must have secondary containment and must use interstitial monitoring for leak detection. Interstitial monitoring can indicate the presence of a leak in the confined space between the first and the second wall. Madison’s interstitial switch is designed for this very application.

Our Interstitial Switch is a thin profile device designed for double-wall tanks and pipes. The 3/8” high switch is ideal for underground tanks and piping where the double-wall construction needs to be monitored for product release from the inner tank. It can also be used to signal the presence of liquid leaks or overflows in any containment area by connecting to a suitable alarm indicator, such as FloodMaster's RS-096 water leak detection and alarm system. The avoidance of potential cleanup costs through early detection of leaks is well worth the cost of this unit.

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Safe Underground Gas Storage with the M3769 Interstitial Float Switch