Sales Representatives

For the following states: MN, WI, IA, IL, ND, SD

Midwest Engineered Components, Inc.

Midwest Engineered Components Inc.
Website: www.mec-inc.biz
Phone: 952-224-3600
Email: info@mec-inc.biz

For the following states: FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, TN, AL

Integrated Component Sales, Inc.

Integrated Component Sales Inc.
Website: www.icsi-se.com
Phone: 407-383-5823
Email: sales@icsi-se.com

Regional Contacts:
Shane Camera (S. Florida) - shane.camera@icsi-se.com
Ed Pucetas (Tampa) – ed.pucetas@icsi-se.com
Justice Johnson (C. Florida) – justice.johnson@icsi-se.com
Eddie Butler (VP/Georgia) – eddie.butler@icsi-se.com
Toby Steele (Atlanta) – toby.steele@icsi-se.com
Stacey Kuhn (S. Carolina) – stacey@mcneilandco.com
Dan McNeil (Charlotte) – danm@mcneilandco.com
Joe Piatek (N.Carolina/Virginia) - joe@mcneilandco.com
Robert Grega (Tennessee) – robert.grega@icsi-se.com
Jeff Lee (N. Alabama) – jeff.lee@icsi-se.com
Reb Bailey (S. Alabama) – reb.bailey@icsi-se.com


Please direct all other sales inquiries to Madison Company:

Madison Company 
Phone: 1-800-466-5383 | Fax: 203-481-5036