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Accurate liquid level measurement can reduce overfill and waste, maintain product quality, and provide application consistency. Manufacturers worldwide depend on Madison float switches, liquid level sensors and water level indicators to save them time and money. Although fluids vary in viscosity, chemical makeup and temperature, Madison level sensing products are compatible with most liquid media – and even some solids. Many applications can be used with standard Madison products that can be shipped the same day the order is placed (Eastern Standard Time, normal shipping hours apply).

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M3326M3326 Normally Closed Subminiature Switch $24.95/ea $24.95
M3326-NOM3326-NO Subminiature Polypropylene Float Switch $24.95/ea $24.95
M3782M3782 Miniature Submersible Suspendable Switch with Slosh Shield $120.98/ea $120.98
M3827-2NOM3827-2NO Normally Open SS "Side Kick" Side-Mounted Liquid Level Switch $112.37/ea $112.37
M4189M4189 Tilt Float Switch (6.5ft. Cable) $31.87/ea $31.87
M4300M4300 Brass Full-Size Float Level Switch $31.97/ea $31.97
M4302-7807-1M4302-7807-1 Adjustable Switch Height Feature $149.11/ea $149.11
M4500M4500 Brass Miniature Float Level Switch $28.74/ea $28.74
M4549M4549 Industrial Tilt Float Switch (49' Cable) $87.31/ea $87.31
M5000M5000 Stainless Steel Miniature Float Switch $46.93/ea $46.93
M5010M5010 Miniature Stainless Steel Side-Mounted Float Switch $50.51/ea $50.51
M5600M5600 Full-Size Stainless Steel Float Switch $63.74/ea $63.74
M5600-PRM5600-PR High Pressure / 100 Watt Stainless Steel Float Switch $93.80/ea $93.80
M5601M5601 Stainless Steel Full-Size Switch $80.57/ea $80.57
M5602-7808-1M5602-7808-1 Adjustable Switch Height Feature $217.48/ea $217.48
M5900M5900 1" x 1/2" NPT Stainless Steel Side-Mounted Float Switch $173.17/ea $173.17
M5910M5910 1/2" x 1/4" NPT Stainless Steel Side-Mounted Switch $146.66/ea $146.66
M5917M5917 High Temperature Float Switch - Full-Size Stainless Steel $73.91/ea $73.91
M5920M5920 1/2" x 1/2" NPT Stainless Steel Side Mounted Float Switch $158.74/ea $158.74
M5970M5970 1/2" Bulkhead Stainless Steel Side-Mounted Float Switch $87.79/ea $87.79
M7000M7000 PBT 1/8" NPT Miniature Float Switch $15.03/ea $15.03
M7700M7700 1/2" x 1/2" NPT Side-Mounted PBT Float Switch $22.25/ea $22.25
M7725M7725 PBT Plastic Side-Mounted Float Switch $25.25/ea $25.25
M7750M7750 PBT 1/2" NPT Side-Mounted Float Switch $22.55/ea $22.55
M7790M7790 5/8" Bulkhead PBT Side-Mounted Switch $26.46/ea $26.46
M7800M7800 PBT / Buna 1/4" NPT Full-Size Float Switch $31.27/ea $31.27
M8000M8000 Miniature Polypropylene Float Switch $13.23/ea $13.23
M8000BM8000B Miniature Switch $31.53/ea $31.53
M8600M8600 Stainless Steel / Polypropylene Float Switch $48.10/ea $48.10
M8700M8700 Polypropylene Side-Mounted Float Switch $15.03/ea $15.03
M8700-CM8700-C HVAC Series Condensate Float Switch $20.44/ea $20.44
M8705M8705 Plastic Side-Mounted Switch $32.47/ea $32.47
M8710M8710 1/2 x 1/4" NPT PP Side-Mounted Float Switch $55.32/ea $55.32
M8725M8725 Plastic Side-Mounted Switch $19.24/ea $19.24
M8750M8750 1/2" NPT Polypropylene Side-Mounted Float Switch $12.93/ea $12.93
M8790M8790 Bulkhead Side-Mounted Float Switch $17.60/ea $17.60
M8790-14/4184M8790-14/4184 Plastic Side-Mounted Float Switch $30.75/ea $30.75
M9000M9000 Miniature Kynar 1/8" NPT Vertical Float Switch $36.08/ea $36.08
M9700M9700 Kynar 1/2" NPT Side-Mounted Switch $30.06/ea $30.06
ML4444ML4444 Brass Multi-Point Switch Kit $222.48/ea $222.48
ML5555ML5555 Stainless Steel Multi-Point Float Switch Kit $450.97/ea $450.97
ML8888ML8888 Polypropylene Multi Level Float Switch Kit $375.87/ea $375.87
MS5010MS5010 Miniature Stainless Steel Side-Mounted Float Switch with Slosh Shield $80.57/ea $80.57
MS7000MS7000 Plastic Miniature Float Switch with Slosh Shield $30.67/ea $30.67
MS8000MS8000 Plastic Miniature Float Switch with Slosh Shield $25.25/ea $25.25
MSB5600MSB5600 Bracket-Mount Stainless Steel Full-Size Float Switch $156.64/ea $156.64
MSB8800MSB8800 Plastic Full-Size Bracket-Mount Float Switch $98.61/ea $98.61
R2-120R2-120 Pump Level Controller, 120VAC input $206.59/ea $206.59