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Madison Company enjoyed a successful showing at Design2Part Texas, meeting with many fellow engineers and manufacturers at booth 320.

For applications that require a precise, continuous level readout, Madison offers a line of float level sensors that detect a changing liquid level and send this information to a panel meter display. Learn how they work in this helpful animation!

Many commercial generators rely on remote fuel storage tanks for their fuel supply. Madison specializes in accommodating such variety.

There are hundreds of bottled water brands out there, all claiming to be the best. The most natural. The purest. But it’s all just water, right? Not quite.

Madison Company will be exhibiting at two Design-2-Part trade shows this Spring. If you are able to attend one or both, please stop by our booth!

One of the main considerations when choosing a switch is the specific gravity of the float. Read on to learn the specific gravity values of Madison's most common floats.

If you’ve ever seen a robotic floor scrubber in action, you may have wondered how those big automated machines were invented. OK, maybe not! But those floor cleaners are a marvel compared to hand scrubbing, making it possible to clean floors efficiently and safely while creating that gorgeous shine.

Each year, Design World publishes an issue dedicated to highlighting manufacturers across a number of disciplines. It is called Leadership in Engineering, and Madison Company is thrilled to be listed on page 374 (page 122 in the digital edition) of this year's edition.

Have you always wanted to replicate those perfect crispy french fries from your local burger joint at home? We'll show you the secret!

When you are looking for value, you are looking for a trusted advisor, not a supplier.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Increasing demand for food and energy require greater yields and reduced loss in harvest, transport and storage: enter Precision Farming.

Multi-point float switches and continuous float level sensors are designed to gather important information about the fluid within a vessel. Is one better than the other?

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Many companies, academic labs, and the U.S. government are pursuing genomics for clinical trials of vaccines against avian flu, Zika, Ebola, HIV and various cancers.

You need to select the correct level sensor for your project. But how?

Madison continuous level sensors monitor the fuel levels in many standby generators.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

Madison Company was recently awarded a plaque in thanks for its contributions to the Operation American Soldier “Taste of Home” Initiative.

When designing for industrial applications that incorporate liquid level sensing, it is important to consider not only the functionality of the float switch, but the environment as well.

Flammable liquid and gas storage tanks and the storing of such liquids and gases are what most people think of when the term ‘hazardous location’ is used.

Being a proud, Made in America, Made in Connecticut manufacturer for over 50 years, Madison Company receives regular updates from the CT Department of Economic and Community Development.

This month's featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is Zero-emission Technology.

Liquid level float switches and sensors play a much more important part in the oil and gas industry then they did years ago.

Madison Company's team and booth arrived safely in San Jose, where Sensors Expo & Conference is currently in full swing.

The June edition of Sensor Technology has highlighted Madison's advancements in reed switch-based technology.

This month's featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is precision farming.

For applications where there is no tank accessibility at the top or bottom, or where space is tight, Madison’s M8700 series float switches are reliable, flexible and versatile.

Slosh shields stabilize and protects float switches from chattering or damage. Learn how in this Madison Tech Tip.

The Madison and Reliance Detection crew is hard at work getting our trade show booth ready! Invitations have gone out for D2P Upper Midwest and Sensors Expo!

Madison was back visiting local colleges this month, interviewing some of the best young engineering minds in the state.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a universal float switch that would fit in any tank, regardless of its size?

For applications where tank intrusion needs to be minimized, or where space is tight, Madison’s M8000 series miniature float switches are reliable, flexible and versatile.

Madison float switches are a proven solution for fluid level detection: learn how they work in this helpful animation!

Madison Company was pleased to attend the 2018 School of Engineering Career Fair, held on the UCONN campus in Storrs.

Managing water and waste water is critical to any populated area. The M4189 tilt float switch can help.

This month's featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is "The Human Cell Atlas."

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

If you like the aerospace industry, check out the February 2018 Eastern edition of Design2Part.

Madison Company has developed an advancement in proven reed switch-based technology that provides ultra-high resolution, very tight tolerances and consistent repeatable measurements in liquid level sensor designs.

When space is tight or when minimal tank intrusion is desired, the Madison M3326 subminiature float switch provides dependable performance in a compact package.

Learn how Madison Company and a major utility provider worked together to deal with corrosion in a steam cogeneration plant.

Design World has just released their January 2018 Leadership issue, and you can find Madison Company on page 402.

Madison’s point level float switches are designed to be simple, cost-effective, durable and reliable.

The M5010 is a miniature, stainless steel, horizontally mounted liquid level sensor that can be easily installed through a simple drilled hole in the side of the container.

The second featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is Liquid Fuels From Sunshine.

A quarterly sampling of industry developments, tech tips and more.

In order to be sure that the desired outcome is achieved, the proper sensor must be selected. To make this selection, the specifier should have answers to the following...

The full-size, stainless steel M5000 single-point float switch uses reed switch technology that is simple and cost-effective, yet reliable and durable.

The second featured emerging technology from WEF's annual list is Clean Water from Air.

Madison is now partnering with Design-2-Part and Design World, two highly respected trade resources serving OEMs and design engineers.

Madison recently exhibited at the Portland, Oregon Design-2-Part show on November 1 and 2.

Each year, the WEF publishes a diverse range of breakthrough technologies, chosen for their potential to improve lives, transform industries and safeguard the planet. The first is Liquid Biopsy.

Signal Issues related to ground loops or shared commons can be common in industrial process control equipment.

The full-size, stainless steel M5600 single-point float switch is one of the most reliable fluid sensing devices available.