Tech Bulletin: Issue 1, Dec. 2017

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Signal Issues Related to Ground Loops or Shared Commons in Industrial Process Control Equipment

Excerpt from ‘The Current Quandary’, August 2017, Precision Digital Corporation

“Ground loops and non-isolated commons can be a nuisance for both industrial process control equipment installers and maintenance personnel, but they can be easily avoided by good planning and installing practices. These two signal connection problems can lead to unpredictable, incorrect, out of range or averaged process signals and, in rare cases, damage to devices. Problems can be avoided by following standard installation best practices that can reduce or potentially eliminate signal issues.” (Precision Digital Corp., ‘The Current Quandary’, August 2017).

A common issue after liquid level sensor installations is damaging spikes or inaccurate 4-20mA signals from the sensor that is caused by improper grounding. This article from Precision Digital discusses causes, troubleshooting and best practices for preventive maintenance:

If you are experiencing issues with your sensor outputs, give Madison a call at 203-488-4477 or contact us at info@madisonco.com

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Each year, the World Economic Forum publishes a diverse range of breakthrough technologies, chosen for their potential to improve lives, transform industries and safeguard the planet. These technologies were also chosen for their level of maturity that would enable widespread take-up in the coming 3-5 years. The technologies were selected by the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and Global Future Councils in collaboration with Scientific American and its Board of Advisors’ (from World Economic Forum, weforum.org, June 26, 2017).

Number one on the list is a liquid biopsy. The technologies under consideration would be able to detect cancer in a blood sample, rather than tissue. Using a blood sample reduces risk of infection, reduces analysis time and cost, and enables a biopsy to be done even when tumors are hard to reach. Since liquid level sensors are commonly used in many medical devices, they may indirectly play a part in the fight against cancer.

If you are interested in liquid level sensing solutions for medical applications, give Madison a call at 203-488-4477 or contact us at

Three Months, Three Cities, Three Great Events
Madison Company has wrapped up an active Fall trade show season, connecting with thousands of attendees at three premier industrial events.

In September, Madison visited Las Vegas for our first-ever appearance at PACK EXPO, the largest packaging trade show in North America. We had a great time meeting with friends and customers, new and old, to discuss existing and potential projects. PACK EXPO 2017 also happened to be the largest in history: 29,500 attendees and 2,000 exhibiting companies convened at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

After departing Las Vegas, Madison immediately traveled to Chicago for WEFTEC 2017, the 90th annual Water Environment Federation technical exhibition and conference. WEFTEC, the world’s largest annual water quality event, delivered on its promise of offering the best water quality education and training available. With over 20,000 registrants attending the show, Madison had a terrific opportunity to forge new relationships and showcase its many solutions for water level sensing.
In early November, Madison wrapped up its Autumn itinerary at Design-2-Part in Portland, Oregon. It was our first time back in 3 years, and we’re glad we went! We were able to showcase our products to a wide range of engineers, designers and buyers in the contract manufacturing world.

The intimate atmosphere of this show, as well as the face-to-face interactions, allowed us to learn about many attendees’ upcoming projects involving fluid level sensing. The opportunity to discuss the successes they were having and the challenges they were facing opened further dialogue regarding engineering requirements, quality specifications, delivery hurdles, JIT challenges and more.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at these events. If we weren't able to connect at the show and you'd like more information about level sensing solutions, give Madison a call at 203-488-4477 or contact us at
info@madisonco.com. Our staff is ready to work with you to design products to meet your specific needs.
Please note: Madison will be closed from December 25 through January 1, 2018.