Tech Tip: Choosing the Right Sensor

You need to select the correct level sensor for your project. You have identified your application, picked the technology, determined the specific gravity of your liquid, figured out the correct materials for chemical compatibility, and decided on the float switch type. You talked to and ordered from a highly reputable manufacturer, installed the level sensor, and congratulated yourself on a job well done. And….the unit failed. How could that be? 

Remember that not only is the sensor exposed to some nasty environmental conditions, so are the wires exiting the sensor. Incorrect sealing of the j-boxes and conduit pipes can cause equipment malfunction and even damaged wires. Improper grounding, voltage spikes and lack of controllers can also cause premature equipment failure. 

Be sure to consider all the conditions of your installation so that your level sensor will operate properly for many years. Begin the selection process now at www.madisonco.com. 

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