What Will Your Sweat Say About You?

As a manufacturer of switches and sensors for nearly sixty years, Madison Company is always watching to see where the future of sensors is going. The fitness tracking revolution has taken hold and while affordable wrist worn devices are capable of tracking your physical activity and even your heart rate throughout the day, we just discovered something even more impressive being developed at UC Berkeley. Though this new, flexible sensor is still a bit on the large side, in time it will scale down to a size suitable for integration with your smart watch, Fitbit or iPhone. This new sensor system monitors the chemicals within sweat, and other bodily fluids, to monitor sodium, potassium, glucose and lactate as well as your skin temperature. This information can quickly be analyzed in real-time to detect conditions such as dehydration and muscle fatigue. This introduction videoalso outlines the benefits of this sensor versus the current method of taking blood and waiting hours or days for lab results. Truly an amazing development for the future of smart sensors! 

madison sweat-sensors-750x750