Why HazLoc Certification Can Be Important

Flammable liquid and gas storage tanks and the storing of such liquids and gases are what most people think of when the term ‘hazardous location’ is used. However, the second deadliest explosion in the USA in the last decade (Reuters, Sept 2009) actually occurred at the Imperial Sugar plant near Savannah, GA. The Chemical Safety Board issued a report that cited the cause of the explosion as the build-up of sugar dust inside a closed conveyor belt.

An industrial area is classified as hazardous when it contains three components, according to Precision Digital; a flammable substance, an oxidizer and a source of ignition. Hazardous areas require the use of equipment specifically certified for use in such areas.

Certain Madison product models have been tested and approved by CSA International for use in hazardous locations. The liquid level switch product is normally approved as a Class 2258 02 Process Control Equipment for hazardous locations classified as Class A, B, C and D; Class II, Groups E, F and G; Class III. For more information on CSA, visit their Web site at www.csagroup.org.

Navigating testing and certification requirements can be challenging and time-consuming. If your project requires a specific certification, Madison can work through the requirements needed to obtain the necessary approvals.