World Economic Forum Emerging Technologies 2017: Liquid Biopsies

Each year, the World Economic Forum publishes a diverse range of breakthrough technologies, chosen for their potential to improve lives, transform industries and safeguard the planet. These technologies were also chosen for their level of maturity that would enable widespread take-up in the coming 3-5 years. The technologies were selected by the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and Global Future Councils in collaboration with Scientific American and its Board of Advisors’ (from World Economic Forum, weforum.org, June 26, 2017).

Number one on the list is a liquid biopsy. The technologies under consideration would be able to detect cancer in a blood sample, rather than tissue. Using a blood sample reduces risk of infection, reduces analysis time and cost, and enables a biopsy to be done even when tumors are hard to reach. Since liquid level sensors are commonly used in many medical devices, they may indirectly play a part in the fight against cancer.

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