Your Scalable Manufacturing Workforce Strategy

Recently we've seen media coverage on a variety of efforts to bring STEM (science, techonology, engineering and mathematics) back into the core curriculum of many US school systems. Providing education on these subjects at an early stage will help more of our children to be prepared for future careers in manufacturing and engineering. But what can manufacturers do today in order to prepare for a scalable workforce of the future? 

A powerful article from MFG.com this week, calls attention to a few key strategies that will help companies prepare, not only for replacing an aging workforce, but also for creating an atmosphere conducive to attracting and maintaining young talent in a very competitive industry. It's clear from a study, performed by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, that the industry has a lot of groundwork to lay in terms of portraying manufacturing careers in a more appealing light. This study articulates some helpful strategies that will help your company stand out with your next generation workforce!