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Increase Productivity.
Increase Profitability.
Madison Sensors can do that.

Madison Company takes a comprehensive approach to liquid level management. Our technical expertise, reliable products and outstanding service creates successful outcomes for our customers.

  • We reduced the number of unplanned outages for a major Northeast utility provider.
  • We increased productivity for a manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment.
  • We helped a container ship keep its scheduled date for sea trials.

We can help you.

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Madison Company enjoyed a successful showing at Design2Part Texas, meeting with many fellow engineers and manufacturers at booth 320.

For applications that require a precise, continuous level readout, Madison offers a line of float level sensors that detect a changing liquid level and send this information to a panel meter display. Learn how they work in this helpful animation!

Many commercial generators rely on remote fuel storage tanks for their fuel supply. Madison specializes in accommodating such variety.

There are hundreds of bottled water brands out there, all claiming to be the best. The most natural. The purest. But it’s all just water, right? Not quite.


Madison Company Blog

Last month, we talked about how environmental conditions, incorrect sealing and improper grounding can all contribute to premature equipment failure, and that considering the conditions of the installation can...

Madison Company is proud to announce our newest addition – a second CNC machine!

A CNC, of course, is a machine that fabricates materials into precisely machined parts, using CAD files as inputs and a resulting sequence of machine control instructions.


April 24-25, 2019
Mohegan Sun Exposition Center
Booth 425