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Increase Productivity.
Increase Profitability.
Madison Sensors can do that.

Madison Company takes a comprehensive approach to liquid level management. Our technical expertise, reliable products and outstanding service creates successful outcomes for our customers.

  • We reduced the number of unplanned outages for a major Northeast utility provider.
  • We increased productivity for a manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment.
  • We helped a container ship keep its scheduled date for sea trials.

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Paints and coatings processes are a demanding concern for a surprising number of industries. Madison Company's sensors and switches are often chosen for their reliability, durability and longevity in difficult conditions.

Madison can provide solutions to control the liquid level between a high and a low point.

We have all seen those exquisitely decorated cakes and cookies, beautiful enough to have been pulled right out of a Monet painting. A little Web surfing reveals many recipes for edible paints that can be made right at home!

Learn how stainless float switches are designed to withstand the challenges of fuel and oil applications.


Madison Company Blog

Accurate measurement of liquid volumes at any point in a container is critical for many commercial and industrial processes. Reducing process variability results in less waste, higher quality and reduced cost, and can make a big difference in profitability for OEMs.

Last month, we talked about how environmental conditions, incorrect sealing and improper grounding can all contribute to premature equipment failure, and that considering the conditions of the installation can...