Point Level Float Switch Series

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Container overfill or container empty can cost OEMs time, money and aggravation during certain processes. When containers are closed or inaccessible, OEMs rely on point level measurement sensors, combined with remote alarms and/or pump controls, to maintain high/low levels. Well-known point level switch technologies from Madison Company are available such as optical sensors, conductivity sensors, or float switches with reed switch technology, among others.

Madison point level float switches use reed switch technology that is simple, reliable, and durable. They operate in an on/off state, and are used to control an external device such as an alarm or an on/off switch. Because OEMs need sensors for tanks that vary in width and height, certain point level float switches are offered with field-adjustable stem lengths. This provides an OEM with the advantage of using only one or two sensors for their application instead of several.

General applications for point level sensors include high-low level alarm triggers, overflow or spill prevention, and pump control. Multi-level float switches can be configured for specific applications. Please use our online configurator for detailed specs, an instant quote and a dimensional drawing.

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Point Level Float Switch Features:

  • Proven, reliable technology
  • Various material combinations and mounting options for any application
  • NPT vertical switches can be extended with pipe to meet custom tank depths
  • In stock, or customizable
  • Dependable, durable and efficient

Sensor Reference Information:

Madison’s industry expertise is not only in the manufacture of high-quality point level float switches, but also in the recommendation of the proper point level float switch. Madison’s trained experts will consider fluid composition, chemical compatibility, container size and shape, agitation and by-products (foam or vapor), level range and required 3rd party certification(s). If a standard point level float switch will not work for the application, Madison can custom engineer a solution in as little as 4 days, once the requirements are established.

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M9700M9700 Side-mount float switch, Kynar, 1/2" x 1/2" NPT $34.00/ea $34.00
M9000M9000 Miniature float switch, Kynar, 1/8" NPT $40.80/ea $40.80
MS9000MS9000 Miniature float switch, Kynar, 1/8" NPT, slosh shield $55.55/ea $55.55
M9705M9705 Side-mount float switch, Kynar, 1" x 1/2" NPT, slosh shield $74.90/ea $74.90